Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Landmannalaugar (Photo credit: qiv)

Those of you planning a trip to Iceland may want to consider visiting Landmannalaugar for your trip. This place has several attractive tourist features, so you will not be lacking in any activities. There are also many natural wonders for nature lovers to admire and enjoy.

This particular destination is nestled in a valley between colorful mountains with hot and cold springs creating warm bathing brooks. Pedestrians are advised to stay along the wooden bath across the brooks since the banks are boggy and have lush vegetation. However, if you decide to bath in the brook, you are not allowed to use soap. If the river is not swollen, it is possible to hike the length of Landmannalaugar, a task that usually takes about three days.

There are other activities to occupy you during the hike. There is a tourist hut with a camping area. This hut can accommodate 110 people, but it is difficult to drive pegs into the ground. You are allowed to use rocks to hold down tents when the wind becomes too high, but you must return these rocks to wooden crates after use as the area is part of a larger nature reserve. There is a regular bus service during the summer months, so you do not have hike if you do not want to.

This highlands area is not the most ideal for driving, so you may want to be prepared for plenty of walking or using public transportation. You can also rent a horse if you are an experienced rider. However, you may decide to just get a permit for fishing or go for a swim. However you decide to spend your time in Landmannalaugar, be sure you know what to expect during the season and how to take care of yourself in the highlands.

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