The Velké Dářko pond in Czech Republic

Rybník Velké Dářko 05
Rybník Velké Dářko 05 (Photo credit: Petr1888)

Velké Dářko is the largest pond in the Czech Republic. It is a grand beautiful body of water with so many assets to offer any tourist whether you are in town for a significant amount of time or just passing through. If you love to travel this is a perfect destination for sight-seeing and enjoyable pastimes.

This stunning pond not only has a scenic and beautiful view from every angle but also possesses many activities that you can take part in. Windsurfing and yachting are among the interesting things to do in this area. With its sandy shores it makes a great place where you can bask in the sun during warm weather.

Thanks to the surrounding mountains you can also go skiing and climbing when you visit this pond. There is also a nature trail that passes two of the nation’s reservations which is extraordinary for seeing all the beautiful landscapes surround the waterfront. Another great activity to participate in this area is fishing. There are so many fun and breath-taking adventures to be had at the side of this pond that make this an absolute must-see place to visit in your travels.

This pond gives birth to magnificent Sazava river.

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