The Safest World Cities for Tourists

If you are ready to take an international vacation, you should consider visiting one or more of theses 5 safest world cities to visit as a tourist. These cities are Luxembourg City, Bern, Geneva, Helsinki, and Zurich. In comparison to the United States, all of these cities are small in both size and population, but they offer historical sites, amazing entertainment options, and safety.

Luxembourg City – place de Nancy 2019 a
Luxembourg City – place de Nancy 2019 a (Photo credit: Cayambe)

Luxembourg City is a small county that has a population of only 500,000 people. However, it has a very well developed economy. In fact, this tiny county has the world's highest GPD (gross national product) per capita! The police are extremely vigilant. Most crime in this city is from non-violent theft, such as purse snatching and breaking and entering. There are a wide variety of historical sites and great entertainment opportunities for you to enjoy, so if you are looking for a gorgeous and safe vacation, you should definitely come to Luxembourg City.

Bern Untertorbrücke 05
Bern Untertorbrücke 05 (Photo credit: Smial)

Another safe world city to visit is Bern, which is the capital of Switzerland. This city only has a population of 130,000, and the residents of Bern enjoy a high quality of living and an extremely low crime rate. While you are visiting, there is plenty to see whether you are interested in walking around the 4 miles of arcaded walkways that are decorated with fountains and clock towers, taking advantage of the great shopping opportunities, or learning more about the local history at one of the nearby museums.

Geneva City scenes (10975886123)
Geneva City scenes (10975886123) (Photo credit: )

If you are looking for a city where violent crime is almost unheard of, choose Geneva, Switzerland. This city is renowned for being a center of diplomacy and international discourse and one of the leading financial centers in the world. This city offers great history for you to explore at the many museums and art galleries, but one of the most interesting places to visit is the Palace of Nations, which is where the United Nations headquarters reside.

Catedral Luterana de Helsinki, Finlandia, 2012-08-14, DD 14
Catedral Luterana de Helsinki, Finlandia, 2012-08-14, DD 14 (Photo credit: Poco a poco)

Helsinki is another safe destination for tourists. This world city is the capital of Finland, and the largest city in the country with over 578, 000 people. This cosmopolitan city has many foreigners and is known as being the central location for research, culture, business, education, and government. It has low crime - mostly petty vandalism and theft, but there are drinking and domestic incidents, which are higher during the holidays. It has many attractions, including many museums, theaters, and sporting events, such as ice hockey and football.

Zürich (Schweiz), Ufer des Limmat -- 2011 -- 1390
Zürich (Schweiz), Ufer des Limmat -- 2011 -- 1390 (Photo credit: XRay)

Last, but not least is Zurich, which is the largest city in Switzerland with 1.7 million people. The population there enjoys a high quality of life. Because it is a global center and many major financial institutions are headquartered there, it does have the highest crime rate of the 5, but it is much more safer than most Western cities. Zurich is known for its rich cultural attractions, which include museums, galleries, symphony orchestras, and theaters where you can enjoy plays, ballet, and other theatrical events.

Make any one of these 5 safest world cities to visit as a tourist your choice for your next vacation. You are sure to safely enjoy the fine cuisine, historical venues, and culture.

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