Pha Taem, Thailand

Pha Taem bis-HDR
Pha Taem bis-HDR (Photo credit: Ddalbiez)

If you are planning on visiting the Northeastern regions of Thailand, Pha Taem is a wonderful national park that offers historical sites, art work and many outdoor activities. This park is around 3,000 years old and is situated along the Mekhong river, which serves as a natural border between Thailand and Laos. This site can simply be enjoyed for its beauty and splendor, or investigated further through treks and other outdoor excursions.

PhaChan 01
PhaChan 01 (Photo credit: Khunkay)
Pha Taem-022
Pha Taem-022 (Photo credit: Ddalbiez)

One specific feature of the park is the rock art along its walls and formations. Most of the parks structures, such as rock gardens, are naturally formed, though they often look like places where old villages may have been located. Phu Krabob, Rock Sway and the rock pillars are all natural structures caused by wind and sun erosion, that look like they could have been intentionally built as a temple or place of gathering.

Stonehenge of Thailand
Stonehenge of Thailand (Photo credit: Skek708)

The park also boasts many waterfalls. Thungnamuang, Soi Sawan and Saeng Chan are a few of the water features that allow visitors to get fairly close. Many trails surrounding the water structures are available for hiking and enjoying the inner beauty of the park. For those who like a bit more exploration, there are many cave excursions to discover all the local geological formations and more interesting points the forest area has to offer. Wildlife within the park includes barking deer, wild pigs and a particular species of rabbit.

Phataem 01
Phataem 01 (Photo credit: Khunkay)

For those who like camping along the many trails, there are straw like huts and small shelters to rent for a night or two. Many visitors choose to bring their own gear and use the campground facilities. Roads into the park are paved, for easy access. Car rentals are also readily available to travel to this wonderful place. Many maps and contract information for the national park can be found online, so that advanced planning can be done, if desired.

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