Pelisor Castle - Artistic Excellence

Pelisor - 5
Pelisor - 5 (Photo credit: Gaspar Ros)

If you are traveling to Romania there are several tourist attractions. One of them is the Pelisor castle. The castle is located in Sinaia, Romania. It was built by the order of King Carol I for King Ferdinand and Queen Maria because he found the Peles Castle too big and overwhelming to live in. The castle was built between 1899 and 1903. It was designed by Czech architect Karel Liman in Art Nouveau style. This castle is located in the same complex where the large Peles Castle is located. The Pelisor was believed to be used by King Ferdinand as a summer residence. 

Pelisor(4050177568) (Photo credit: Alessandro Bonvini)

The grandeur of the castle can be seen not only in the design of the whole structure but also in the furniture and other interior decorations used. The furniture and the interior design were done by Bernhard from Vienna. The stunning and huge castle has a large number of chambers and working cabinets which also include a chapel. The most important attraction of the Pelisor Castle is the golden room. Queen Mary was an accomplished artist herself. Most of the design ideas and suggestions were given by her according to her personal taste. She had also evolved her own style of art by combining Art Nouveau with Celtic and Baltic styles. 

Pelisor - 7
Pelisor - 7 (Photo credit: Gaspar Ros)

There is a beautiful hall of honor in the castle which has very simple design but is absolutely elegant. The walls are covered with oak and the ceiling is made of glass. The castle has about 70 rooms and also features a unique collection of Viennese furniture, Tiffany and Lalique glassware. The Pelisor castle is one of the famous tourist destinations now. The best time to visit the place is from June to September. Other nearby attractions include Bran Castle, the city of Brasov, Rasnov Fortress, Ski resorts, Bucharest, Sibiu and Sighisoara.

Pelisor - 2
Pelisor - 2 (Photo credit: Gaspar Ros)

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