Millennium Bridge, UK

(mentre invece) (Photo credit: Fabio Venni)
Millennium bridge at night (Photo credit: Tony Hisgett)
Millennium Bridge to St. Paul's (Photo credit: Kieran Lynam)
Millennium bridge (Photo credit: jim crossley)
Millennium Bridge by Norman Foster (Photo credit: ktylerconk)
London - St Paul's & Millennium Bridge (Photo credit: Harshil Shah)
Millennium Bridge - London with a Point & Shoot (Photo credit: Josh Hallett)
Eyelashes (Photo credit: tentwo.teneight)
St Paul's Cathedral and The City (Photo credit: damo1977)
Millenium bridge to St Paul's (Photo credit: Russell Trow)
The Road from Damascus (Photo credit: Stuart Caie)
The Millennium Bridge (Photo credit: Adam Burt)
St. Paul's Cathedral (Photo credit: Lorena a.k.a. Loretahur)
Millennium bridge and Baltic building at night (Photo credit: Tony Hisgett)

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