Humayun's Tomb in India

humayun's tomb, delhi (Photo credit: Een Ar)

Commissioned by the grieving widow of Humayun and nestled in the heart of a square Mughal-style garden, is Humayun's tomb in India. The structure is a typical example of Mughal architecture and took approximately nine years to complete.

Humayun's Tomb (Photo credit: Jeremy Rover)

The construction of the mathematically brilliant design began in 1565 and is said to have cost about 1.5 million rupees at the time it was built. The garden consists of four sub-squares, and shallow water channels run down the center of the paved causeways that divide it.

The mausoleum itself is a square structure with two levels, made from red sandstone and topped by a main double dome. While the exterior design is quite simple, the interior floor plan is more complex. Features of the building include three arched alcoves, with the middle one being the highest, white marble and beautifully delicate lattice screens.

Humayun's Tomb (Photo credit: bunnicula)

Humayuns tomb in India is rich in history, housing over a hundred gravestones. Several rulers of the Mughal dynasty are buried within the complex, making this building a lasting legacy of nearly four hundred years of Mughal rule. Over the years, the tomb sustained extensive damage. However, restoration work on the site was recently completed to recapture its former glory.

Women at Humayun's Tomb (Photo credit: js42)

Humayun's Tomb (Photo credit: js42)

Lookup up at Humayun's Tomb (Photo credit: js42)

humayun's tomb, a climb (Photo credit: Een Ar)

Humayun's Tomb (Photo credit: jeffhutchison)

Gardens (Photo credit: bunnicula)

Humayun's Tomb (Photo credit: js42)

Humayun's tomb II (Photo credit: David Sessoms)

Humayun's Tomb (Photo credit: Francisco Anzola)

IMG_0617 (Photo credit: David Sessoms)

Humayun's tomb (Photo credit: Art Poskanzer)

Humayun's Tomb, Delhi, India (Photo credit: ronan crowley)

Humayun's Tomb, Delhi, India (Photo credit: ronan crowley)

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