Zacango Zoo, Mexico

Zacango Zoo 4
Zacango Zoo 4 (Photo credit: Rivera0997)

Zacango zoo is a zoologic park located in Metepec, State of Mexico, a city and municipality situated in near the state capital Toluca, and next to Calimaya. This is one of the largest zoo parks in Latin America, about an hour away from Mexico City, at Carretera Metepec Km.7, so it is an ideal destination for a day trip when visiting Mexico.

Zacango Zoo 2
Zacango Zoo 2 (Photo credit: Rivera0997)

Peculiarity of this zoologic park relies on the terrain in which it is built, at 8793 ft (2680 m) above sea level, and over what was formerly known as the Zacango estate. Owned by Franciscan Fryers in the16th century, this property was later acquired by the Marquess of Calimaya, but designated as zoologic and state park until August 5, 1981.Zacango zoo has a rich variety of wildlife in captivity, including mammals, cats, reptiles, and birds.

Zacango Zoo Logo 1
Zacango Zoo Logo 1 (Photo credit: Rivera0997)

Admission to this breathtaking scenery and first-class facilities is only $2 USD per adult and $1 USD per children. There are also enjoyable walking tours departing from Toluca, but takes three to four hours get there. However, you can drive to Zacango zoo, pick a taxi, bus, or the Zoo carriage available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Herpentario de Zacango 2
Herpentario de Zacango 2 (Photo credit: Rivera0997)

At Zacango zoo you can watch many endangered animal species, besides a children's zoo, home to pups in the park. Visitors will also find two artificial lakes with boat rowing service, a Natural History Museum, sandbox and playground areas, shops, food stores, and even a movies theater in what was the old estate chapel.

Antilope(Antilope cervicapra) en Zacango 1
Antilope(Antilope cervicapra) en Zacango 1 (Photo credit: Rivera0997)

Other areas of interest are the Cri-cri Plaza, with statues of the most famous characters created by composer "Grillito Cantor," the aquarium, and the handicrafts shop. There are also pony and carriage for rent and guided tours. However, and due to Zacango's altitude, comfortable warm clothing and footwear are recommended regardless the season of the year.

El Zoológico de Zacango está situado en México. Cuenta con más de 180 diferentes especies de todo el mundo, de las cuales 80 se encuentran en peligro de extinción. Wikipedia

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