Wildflower Watching Trips Around the World

California Wildflowers off Bitterwater Rd 23Mar2010 (Photo credit: Mike Baird)

Wildflowers are an amazing testament to the beauty of nature. Every spring they bloom all over the world, announcing the arrival of a new season of color and life. While growing flowers in your own pots and flower beds at home is a great hobby to have, seeing the hundreds of thousands that bloom along the country side is an incredible sight to see. Many states and countries offer wildflower watching trips and vacations.

california wildflower watch 09 (Photo credit: simon sun)

A few of the popular wildflower destinations in the United States are Texas, California, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. Other countries, such as Australia, Turkey and Bulgaria, also offer similar trips. The best time of year to see wildflowers in bloom is springtime, or early summer. Many state and national parks offer daily wildflower walking tours, most ranging from just over an hour up to a full day hike. Other tours can be scheduled with local horticulture groups and tour guides. Doing research ahead of time on what flowers bloom when at each location will enable you to plan the trip during the time when most are blooming.

Wildflowers Atop Alps (Photo credit: Kyle Simourd)

Seeing a country hill side or a mountain meadow sprawling from one end to the other with beautiful wildflowers just allows the viewer to sit in awe of nature. Taking in the sweet smell of their scent and watching the birds and insects scurry around them completes the experience. Wildflower watching trips are a great learning experience for children to better understand and appreciate the complexities of nature. It is a wonderful family destination, and even games can be made to see who identifies the most flowers correctly. Leaving only your footprints and taking only you memories, and maybe a photo or two, is the best way to ensure these natural wonders stay healthy for other to enjoy many years to come.

California Wildflowers off Bitterwater Rd 23Mar2010 (Photo credit: Mike Baird)

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