Who said a Pakistan trip would be boring?

Bahauddin Makbara, Junagadh (image)

Bahauddin Makbara, Junagadh (Photo credit: Raveesh Vyas)

Even though it might be hard to believe, Pakistan is one of the most amazing locations in the world where you can travel if you want to have fun. This country provides numerous possibilities for mountaineering, hiking, trekking and many other activities, as well as several wonderful places to visit.

Nanga Parbat (Killer Mountain) (image)

Nanga Parbat (Killer Mountain) (Photo credit: Faisal Saeed)

History aficionados will find a Pakistan travel experience very appealing because of the numerous historical sites and the remains of the human civilization born here. No matter how much knowledge you have about ancient history, you cannot say you know everything before you see these places with your own eyes.

Larkana (image)

Larkana (Photo credit: James West)

It all started back in 3000 B.C. in the area located between Kashmir and the Arabian Sea, known as the Indus valley, where one of the first civilizations in the world was born. The two main centers of the Indus valley civilization are Moenjo Daro, located in the Larkana district and the Harappa, situated in the Sahiwal district.

If you are planning a Pakistan trip, the city of Karachi is another must-see. The former capital of Pakistan is located on the Arabian Sea coast, where you will find the astonishing Clifton beach, probably the most beautiful in Asia. While you are in Karachi, you can go shopping, try the traditional Pakistani food, take your children to the Zoo or visit the tomb of Quaid-e-Azam. Tourists that are more eccentric can hire a boat from the harbor and enjoy the views in the middle of the Arabian Sea.

Guarding Mozar Quaid-e-Azam (image)

Guarding Mozar Quaid-e-Azam (Photo credit: Keirn)

It will turn out to be very difficult for you to decide where to go next in Pakistan, as the options are endless. If you are a water sports fan then you cannot miss the fun and challenges offered by the Pakistani rivers Hunza, Indus, Kunhar or Swat, which are specially arranged for tourists on this purpose. The Rawal Lake, the Silk Road, the Marakan Coastline, Lahore city are some of the many locations you can choose to visit and you will definitely not regret it.

Dawn over Rawal Lake (image)

Dawn over Rawal Lake (Photo credit: Ahmed Zaidi)

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