Vannes commune, France

Vannes Marina (Photo credit: Grant Matthews)

A French take on Dickensian (Photo credit: Brian Smithson)

Brittany-37.jpg (Photo credit: Jeremy Atkinson)

Gardens along la Marle Vannes (Photo credit: Bill Stanley)

Cathedrale St Pierre Vannes (Photo credit: Bill Stanley)

Fortezza di Vannes (Photo credit: Fabio Spinozzi)

Nouvelle Capitainerie de Vannes (Photo credit: Matthieu FAURE)

Vannes, France. (Photo credit: André Mouraux)

Vannes (Photo credit: Stéfan)

Vannes (Photo credit: Andy Hay)

Vannes (Photo credit: Chris Cardew)

Vannes (1994) (Photo credit: Sylvain Leprovost)

Vannes (Photo credit: Nick)

Port de Vannes (Photo credit: Matthieu Riegler)

Case medievali a Vannes (Photo credit: Fabio Spinozzi)

Vannes ramparts (Photo credit: Tristan Schmurr)

Vannes Cathedral, west end (Photo credit: Nick)

Cathedrale St Pierre Vannes (Photo credit: Bill Stanley)

Open Air Market Vannes (Photo credit: Bill Stanley)

une fenêtre à Vannes (Photo credit: Simon Bonaventure)

Sinagot - Vannes. (Photo credit: André Mouraux)

Txokolatea (Photo credit: fraufrida)

A motley collection of roofs (Photo credit: Brian Smithson)

img_2773 (Photo credit: Matthieu FAURE)

Gardens in front of Chateau de L'Hermine (Photo credit: Bill Stanley)

Festival des petits explorateurs 2011 (Photo credit: les petits débrouillards les petits débrouillards)

Le Nohain (Photo credit: Jean-Pierre)

Le Nohain à Donzy (Photo credit: Jean-Pierre)

Er Runio (Photo credit: Camille Chenchei)

Une confluence du Nohain à Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire (Photo credit: Jean-Pierre)

IMG_8137 (Photo credit: :mrMark:)

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