Urnes Stave Church, Norway

Urnes stave church 1
Urnes stave church 1 (Photo credit: Flickr upload bot)

The Urnes stave is Norway’s oldest wooden stave church. A stave church is a wooden medieval church and is typically constructed with a post and beam. The wooden walls are built with vertical planks and have load bearing posts throughout to support the wooden roof and rafter. It has a Romanesque architectural style and is affiliated with the Church of Norway.

Stave church Urnes, panorama
Stave church Urnes, panorama (Photo credit: Micha)

The Urnes stave was built around the year of 1130 and still stands in its original location. Stave churches were very common in northern parts of Europe and over 1,000 were built in the country of Norway. Since 1881 the Urnes stave has been owned by the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments and in 1979 was listed by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site. Established in 1945, UNESCO is an organization that specializes in promoting harmony throughout nations through education, culture, and science and the Urnes stave is the only stave church throughout the world to be listed on the World Heritage List provided by UNESCO. Its rich history has made it an exceptional place to see.

Urnes Stave Church-107978
Urnes Stave Church-107978 (Photo credit: Eric00000007)

The Urnes stave is located in the beautiful southern region of Sognefjord, which is located in the middle of Norway. It is surrounded by beautiful green fields which include a small cemetery. It sits atop a small hill which is accessible by a small climb, and has a beautiful view of the mountains and bright blue skies. The church is accessible by bus or hired car and then you can take a wonderful ferry ride to the final destination. Norway is a beautiful, stunning place to visit and seeing the church is well worth the trip. Contact your local travel agent for details on visiting this exquisite country and wonderful church. It will be well worth it and an experience you will never forget.

Interior, Urnes Stave Church-1
Interior, Urnes Stave Church-1 (Photo credit: Bep)
Interior, Urnes Stave Church-3
Interior, Urnes Stave Church-3 (Photo credit: Bep)

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