Traveling to the Frisian Islands

Lighthouse (Photo credit: psd)

Want to go to a secluded island in Europe? There is a whole chain of islands that is the Frisian Islands. These stretch from Denmark to the Netherlands. This chain of islands is an excellent place to visit, if you wish to spend time in a peaceful place and get away from stress and busy work. Spend your time cycling through the island, canoeing around the chain and visiting the beaches!

It’s interesting to note that sometimes you just have to cycle on these islands – some of them don’t even allow you to rent a car. Some of them actually don’t allow you to cycle! You can rent carts! A hand cart! Although, there are buses available, but still – cycling is more fun.

And yes, there are hotels, it’s not that prohibitive. Small secluded cottages are also available for some personal time. There are camping grounds for the more adventurous types.

Schiermonnikoog (Photo credit: Bert K)

Hiking is among the popular island activities. 4-6 day tours will take you through the beaches, forests and dunes. The sea is omnipresent – it can be heard or seen from almost anywhere. Or so they say.

Mudwalking seems to be another fun activity. After all don’t we love getting dirty in the name of Fun? There is a variety of tours that offer mudwalking, however, you are advised not to go alone (it’s dangerous!) and use professional guides.

Out of all the islands there are only three islands that are preserved for natural resources and would require a permit to visit them. The mainland is most likely the place that one would stay at upon visiting these gorgeous islands.

Street (Photo credit: psd)

To arrive to these beautiful islands you may take a car, ferry, or a cruise to see the nature of all the islands!

The ferries can be reached by either a train or bus. Note that ferries depend on tide, so check your schedules. You can literally walk on the sea when the tide is low.

If you feel like it – you can spend the whole day just sailing around the islands.

Courtyard (Photo credit: ronengelbert)

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