Tokara Wine Estate, South Africa

Tokara wine estate is located in Helshoogte Pass, South Africa. The estate is popular for its distinct and sophisticated wines that are sold under the labels ‘Tokara’ ‘Zondernaam’ and ‘5-year old Potstill brandy’. The wines produced symbolize the elegance, commitment and reliability of the estate. It holds excellent properties to age well.

The estate employs cutting edge technologies along with precision viticulture for wine production and analysis of its vineyards. It represents the first cellar to use the NDVI process which easily captures infrared light released from the vineyards. The captured light helps to generate a colored index that easily depicts the variances of the cultivated crop or sections. The estate has a talented work force working in various terroirs of the country. There are three different farms that are involved in the distribution of the Tokara wines. All these farms are based in the cool and pleasant climate of Western Cape’s viticulture districts. The leading varieties of wines sold include Red 2003, 2004 Stellenbosch Chardonnay, and Tokara Fermented Sauvignon Blanc.

Additionally, the estate holds more than 18 hectares of olive groves. During the year 2002, it manufactured 18,000 liters of olive oil which was marketed under the brand name ‘Olive Shed’. However, it is estimated that Tokara estate by 2010 will process 300 tons of olives thus enabling the olive groves to contribute substantially to the growth of the estate. The olive shed extra virgin oil is stored in 1000 liter tanks with an area cooling temperature of 12°C. The olive sheds comprise of modern design interiors and equipments. The sheds can be accessed by the pubic to attain an overall view of the oil process.

The estate also owns an impressive restaurant situated in the wine grounds of Stellenbosch. The restaurant provides an exciting and enchanting dining experience. The food served includes a blend of all type of cuisines, worldwide. It can thus be regarded that Tokara wine estate is a significant place to visit in South Africa.

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