Vacation in Bora Bora

Bora Bora (Photo credit: tensaibuta)

Bora Bora, the words conjure up images of crystal clear blue water, white sandy beaches and fun in the sun. That image would be correct on all accounts. Bora Bora is part of the Society Islands in the French Polynesia part of the Pacific Ocean. The island was volcanic in origin, and the remnants of two volcanoes are still present in the interior portion of the island. The main source of income for the approximately nine thousand inhabitants is tourism.

Intercontinental Bora Bora - Sunrise (Photo credit: SF Brit)

The tourism industry here is booming. The locals understand the need to create an environment of top notch service and amenities. They do so remarkably well. A vacation in Bora Bora feels as if a little slice of heaven has been brought down to Earth.

Bora Bora (Photo credit: Benoit Mahe)

The over water bungalows are standard fare at most resorts. Since the island is protected by a barrier reef and surrounded by a lagoon, they have the perfect set up for placing the bungalows over the water. Spending the night in one of these is unlike any vacation you will ever experience. Like most places, the bungalows can range from basic to luxurious.

BORA BORA (Photo credit: aafes49)

There are several sightseeing opportunities on the Island. There are WWII cannons, bunkers and ancient maraes. All of these can easily be seen via scooter rides around the island. Locals offer guided tours too.

Bora Bora (Photo credit: tensaibuta)

The water fun is nonstop. Visitors can enjoy glass bottom boat rides, diving, snorkeling, and lagoon tours to check out the wildlife in the area. If you wish for more action enjoy windsurfing, jet skiing, swimming, sailing, kite surfing and more.

Bora Bora - Mt Otemanu (Photo credit: rachel_thecat)

Shopping, souvenirs, restaurants and all of the other support services are here in abundance.

Rainbow through cloud over Mount Otemanu Bora Bora (Photo credit: mick62)

The night life is just as active as the daytime. There are clubs, bars and hosted events almost every night. Enjoy the romance of dining on a beach with your partner. Plan to stay in this paradise for as long as you can. There is a lot here to see and do. The majestic beauty of the island alone is worth the trip.

Lunch in Bora Bora (Photo credit: thelastminute)

Outrigger Canoe Bora Bora (Photo credit: thelastminute)

(Motu Tape - Le Meridien Bora Bora) (Photo credit: scalleja)

InterContinental Resort Bora Bora (Photo credit: thelastminute)

Bora Bora Sunset (Photo credit: thelastminute)

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