The Royal Temple Wat Suan Dok, Thailand

Chmaiwsuandok050611c (Photo credit: Hdamm)

Thailand is a colorful and beautiful country. It is also the home of many Buddhist temples and legends. One of these royal temples is called Wat Suan Dok.

Wat Suan Dok พระเจ้าเก้าตื้อ 02
Wat Suan Dok พระเจ้าเก้าตื้อ 02 (Photo credit: Kittipong khunnen)

Wat Suan Dok is translated to mean “Flower Garden Temple.” It is located in Northern Thailand in the grand city of Chiang Mai. An interesting fact about this temple is that a Buddhist University is located within the temple walls.

The temple was built within a walled settlement of the Lawa people. To this day, some remnants of these walls are still visible. The temple was given the name Wat Suan Dok from the expansive flower garden of the King Kue Na.

There is a mysterious Buddhist legend associated with this temple. It is said that a monk found a relic of the Buddha. When he brought it to the temple, where it was to be housed, the relic duplicated itself. The monks placed the duplicate on the back of a white elephant. The elephant climbed up a mountain North of the city. After crying three times, the elephant died. Another temple was built in this location.

One can gaze at the temple Wat Suan Dok from afar and see a bell like structure of white and gold. The relic of the legend is believed to be housed inside that structure, called a chedi. There are many amazing sights to behold at this temple.

There is a beautiful entrance way, which stands out in pure white against the lush greenery. One can also visit the royal cemetery. There is also the standing Buddha, full of delicate grace and exquisite artistry.

The temple Wat Suan Dok is a purely amazing sight. It is the place of Buddhist legends and mysteries. It stands with purity and grace in the great city of Chiang Mai.

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