The Phra Nang Cave, Thailand

Krabi (Phra Nang Cave) - panoramio
Krabi (Phra Nang Cave) - panoramio (Photo credit: Panoramio upload bot)

Thailand is a beautiful country with thriving cities and peaceful beaches. There is also a strong spirituality among the native people. It is a country full of legends, such as Phra Nang Cave.

Phra Nang beach panorama edit
Phra Nang beach panorama edit (Photo credit: Kallerna)

Phra Nang is a beach with white sand and cool waters of the Andaman Sea. Some visitors are satisfied with lounging on the beach while admiring the beautiful scenery. Others wish to see the Phra Nang Cave and make offerings.

Phra Nang Cave Beach
Phra Nang Cave Beach (Photo credit: Maxim75)

There are many legends surrounding the cave and the Princess Goddess Phra Nang. One legend states that Phra Nang was an Indian Princess who was killed at sea. It is believed that her ghost haunts the cave. Another story is that she was the wife of a fisherman. On one of his trips into the Andaman Sea he never returned. It is said that the wife lived for the rest of her life in the cave, waiting for his return.

The people who live off of the sea make offerings to the Goddess for good luck. However, the cave is known for the strange wooden phallic symbols. These carved penises are placed before the cave as offerings for fertility.

It is important to remember that this is a spiritual place for the Thai people. It must be treated with respect. Many of the locals strongly believe that the Goddess resides in the cave. Any disrespectful behavior will be deeply insulting.

2016-04-07 Phra Nang Cave Beach
2016-04-07 Phra Nang Cave Beach (Photo credit: Maxim75)

Getting to the cave is not difficult. It is sometimes called "The Princess Cave" on maps. The beach can be reached with a quick boat ride from Ao Nang. There is a path that will take visitors around the base of a cliff, and then right to the beach.

The legend of the Phra Nang Cave is one of the many wonders of Thailand. This strange and mysterious country has some of the most beautiful scenery one will ever see. Experience all this intriguing country has to offer.

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