The Naturistic Henbury Meteorite Craters

Henbury Crater
Henbury Crater (Photo credit: WikiMichi)

If you are planning to visit Australia, do not miss the Henbury meteorite craters! Located on Sturt Highway near the Henbury Homestead in the Northern Territories in the very heart of Central Australia, the Henbury meteorite craters that measure 6 and 600 feet across are a wonder to see.

Henbury Meteorite Crater
Henbury Meteorite Crater (Photo credit: FlickreviewR)

The largest crater is approximately 180 meters wide and 15 meters deep and the smallest a mere 6 meters wide and just a few centimeters deep. Three of the largest four craters can be seen clearly and are well worth a closer inspection.

Henbury Meteorite Craters
Henbury Meteorite Craters (Photo credit: Flickr upload bot)

This magnificently scenic group of 13 meteorite craters in a desert-like area was thought to have formed around 5000 years ago when a huge iron meteorite blew apart just before impact. Since then the craters have eroded and appear as shallow depressions in the desert. The meteorites that have been found are very distinctive and uniquely shaped glossed with ochre-red polish derived from the Australian outback soil.

Henbury meteorite, individual
Henbury meteorite, individual (Photo credit: Flickr upload bot)

Much of the territory is relatively flat but it also has spectacular ranges and plateaus. The majesty of its nature, is of course, its greatest asset.

Henley Meteorite Craters
Henley Meteorite Craters (Photo credit: Flickr upload bot)

The Henbury Meteorite Craters Reserve where the craters are located has a campground with picnic and toilet facilities but you have to be certain to bring plenty of drinking water. A little warm in the Outback! The best months to visit are from April to September as these months offer the most pleasant temperatures.

Fall to Earth (8095847497)
Fall to Earth (8095847497) (Photo credit: File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske))

The reserve is open year round. Guided walks and tours are also available. Not only will you get a dynamite view of the craters but you will also get to see a large variety of native and exotic animals; so be sure to pack the camera. There is also a wide variation of native plants.

As a freelance photographer of nature I would recommend taking the time to visit this scenic splendor and natural true exhibit to anyone.

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