The historic city of Pisaq

Pisaq (Photo credit: EduardoZ)

Pisaq is an old city located about 21 km by road from Cusco. It is situated at an altitude of 9,750 feet above the sea level. It is famous for being an Inca town with lots of distinct remnants of the mysterious past. People flock here from all around the world to witness the early restricted assimilation of the Inca world and to see the numerous phases of the city.

The small town is replete with rich remains of the religious, political and administrative structures of the lost civilization. These monuments are spread across the peaks and gradients of the mountains bordering River Urubamba. A small group of people live in the base of the valley that makes their living mostly by terrace farming.

One is full of admiration of the wonderful structures of the Inca people that surrounds the mountains. All of them are made in perfect alignment with polished rocks. The Archeological park of Pisaq is located on top of the mountain. It consists of several wonderful squares. Intihuatana is the most popular remain because of its excellent finish. The pre-Hispanic cemetery is also of great importance for being one of the biggest in that continent.

The Pisaq market which sits on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday under the huge trees in the main square. Beautiful handmade textiles, art, pottery etc. are sold by the local people at a good bargain. The colorful market is a major tourist attraction. It is also a weekly meeting place for the local peasants, traders and bureaucrats.

It is best and easiest to reach Pisaq on the market days with the help of City Tour. The ruins can be reached any time of the week by a Private Tour. The ruins are 30 minutes by road from the main town. Hiring a private taxi to visit all the important places of the Sacred Valley will be a good idea. there are no entry charges.

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