The Collegio Papio in Ascona, Switzerland

The collegio papio has a long history that spans at least 400 years since it was originally established. This Catholic school combines the tradition of the faith with higher education. This historic school is located in beautiful Ascona, Switzerland. The intense education in various disciplines along with the teachings of the Catholic tradition provide and education that is based in the sciences and good moral character.

Even though this school has a long history of Catholic tradition, it refuses to be viewed as simply a Catholic school. It has strived to update its school programs with leading edge classroom technologies. The science program is intended to give students a knowledge base that is comparable to many of the best science programs around the world. The school strives to be known for its innovative and up to date teaching methods.

The school combines education, tradition and family life so students have all the support they need to be successful. There are many family oriented activities organized by the school to make students feel comfortable.

Families are encouraged to visit often and if in the area, are encouraged to stop by for lunch. This school is committed to ensuring the proper faith based teaching while encouraging students to excel in their studies.

This school is has evolved in a modern and forward thinking educational system that still values tradition and families. The collegio papio is committed to providing students with the sound knowledge and education that is required to advance in a technology based global environment. The standards at the collegio papio are high and will prepare students for further higher education.

The collegio papio has devised a program that will ensure success for its students and is committed to keeping up an education system that will prepare students for a bright future.

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