The Bastei Bridge - Connecting to Nature in Germany

Basteibrücke im Elbsandsteingebirge, Deutschland (Bastion bridge in Elbe sand stone mountains, Germany) (Photo credit: miquitos)

The Bastei Bridge is a sandstone walking bridge connecting rocky peaks above the Elbe River in Germany. The bridge is located in the Saxon Switzerland National Park in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, very close to Saxon Switzerland. Known for its unusual, even bizarre rock formations, it is a mountainous region sought after over the years by artists, sports and nature enthusiasts.

Bastei @ Saxon Switzerland (Photo credit: Raymond Chan)

Tourists seek out the unusual rocky peaks and the beautiful river view. The bridge sits 200 meters (approximately 650 feet) above the river, providing panoramic views of the surrounding forest. The Bastei (also known as Basteibrucke) is part of a trail extending through Germany, Switzerland, and into the Czech Republic.

IMG_2060.JPG (Photo credit: foto-plaul)

The region has been a tourist mecca for over 200 years. Although attracting active climbers and hikers, the area can be enjoyed by everyone. The original wood bridge was constructed in 1824. It was replaced in 1854 by the current sandstone bridge.

Bastei (Photo credit: Abhijeet Rane)

Active climbers can ascend to the top of the Bastei Peak, 305 meters (approximately 976 feet) high. The locale offers excellent hiking and climbing opportunities, including several sets of stairs carved into the stone rock formations.

The closest city is Dresden, Germany. There are buses, a train, a ferry and steamboat providing easy access to the town of Bastei, the entry point to the trails. Area trails are free, and are accessible throughout the year.

Bastei Bridge within the Elbe Sandstone Mountains (Photo credit: TauSo)

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