The Ancient City of Petra, Jordan

It was originally inhabited by a hard-working Arabian tribe known as the Nabataeans. As the city was close to the ancient caravan road it became a very popular business destination. The land was rich and fertile with abundant water supply. The natives converted it into a prominent crossroad for spices, silk and other business routes that connected with India, China and South Arabia with Greece, Syria, Rome and Egypt.

Rock Cut Tombs, Petra (Photo credit: Rhys Davenport)

To enter this city, one has to pass through a chilly and shady chasm, about a kilometer long popularly known as the Siq. Passing the Siq itself is a unique experience. It has high soaring cliffs on either side. The rocks and the playfulness of the sunlight create an absolutely magical picture. The path leads to the Al-Khazneh or the ancient treasury.

Petra البتراء (Photo credit: BriYYZ)

Other area of interest in the Ad-Deir Monastery, Petra Archeological Park, Petra Nabataean Museum, Roman-styled theater and hundreds of intricately carved rock tombs. No motor driven vehicles are allowed inside this antique city. People may walk around or hire a horse carriage. It is advised to wear comfortable shoes and carry along foodstuffs and lots of fluid. Early morning and late afternoon is the best part to visit there to be able to take some wonderful photographs.

DSC_3952 (Photo credit: Didier Baertschiger)
high place of sacrifice (Photo credit: Vladimer Shioshvili)
Siq (2007-06-069) (Photo credit: Vyacheslav Argenberg)
Iris (Photo credit: momo)
Calle de las Fachadas (Photo credit: Guillén Pérez)
locals (Photo credit: Davidlohr Bueso)
Petra (Photo credit: Douglas Perkins)
palace tomb sunset (Photo credit: Steven Damron)
The Monastery at Petra (2007-06-145) (Photo credit: Vyacheslav Argenberg)
Front of Qasr al-Bint (Photo credit: amanderson2)
Petra in bloom (Photo credit: Magnus Franklin)
Contemplating Wadi Musa (Photo credit: Magnus Franklin)
Petra (Photo credit: Tarek)
Tumbas menores (Photo credit: Guillén Pérez)
Petra - Cactus (Photo credit: Tarek)
DSC_3981 (Photo credit: Didier Baertschiger)

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