The Ammarin Bedouin Camp and Campgrounds, Jordan

Ammarin Bedouin Camp
Ammarin Bedouin Camp (Photo credit: sumi_sousa)

At the Ammarin Bedouin Camp, deep in the desert of Jordan, everything is set up to offer guests an exclusive experience of the traditional life of the nomadic Bedouins. Run by the local Ammarin tribe, the camp offers full lodging facilities, or alternately, camping space for the traveler who comes fully equipped. An on-site store provides refreshments and resupplies.

But the Ammarin Bedouin Camp is more than a themed camping resort. It is a true Bedouin camp, and arriving guests will be briefed about the rules and the behavior expected of them. Camel-back treks and hikes of various durations are available. Depending on the length of the excursion, a lunch or even full board may be included. Hikes and transportation to the nearby archeological site of Petra, a mere 10 km (6 miles) away, are available.

The facilities at the camp itself consist of large Bedouin tents that shelter sleeping quarters in the traditional Bedouin style, common areas, and stores. Showers with hot water are likewise placed under a Bedouin tent and provide modern amenities to the Ammarin guests.

Your stay at the Ammarin Bedouin Camp can be fully customized, from a simple space rental without use of facilities, to the full room and board which will allow you to experience Bedouin dishes from breakfast to dinner. For those requiring a restricted diet, a small kitchen is available for meal preparation.

The Ammarin museum is sheltered in a stone house similar to those the tribe once used. It displays photographs and artifacts of the Ammarin life and culture. Storytellers and singers entertain guests in the evening with tales of Ammarin history and lore.

The Ammarin Bedouin Camp accommodates up to 350 guests (including independent campers). Its proximity to a major historical and tourist site, and well-appointed services makes it a unique choice for a vacation stay.

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