Tammerkoski, "Finland's Pearl of the North" for over 600 Years

Tammerkoski02 (Photo credit: Fvelcker~commonswiki)

Those looking for a new places for adventures may very well find it along the banks of the Tammerkoski channel of rapids at Tampere, Finland. Once known as a thriving industrial site, active from the early 1400's through the early 1990's, as well as a bustling marketplace for almost three hundred years, the old factory buildings have been reborn as restaurants, nightclubs, galleries and museums, etc.

Tampere Tammerkosky 2
Tampere Tammerkosky 2 (Photo credit: Zubro)
Tampere (Photo credit: RachelH_)

In fact,, Tampere, which lies on an isthmus between Lake Nasijavia and Lake Pyharjarvi is considered to be a "true pearl" of Scandanavia, offering tourists a wide range of activities to meet every interest and budget ary requirement from the rose garden at the Hatanpoori Puisto Arboretum, to the shopping mecca at Koskikeskus with over one hundred stores and boutiques to choose from, and historical sites from the Lenin-Museo to the arts and crafts center located in an old dyeing mill at Kasi- ja Taideteollisuuskeskus Verkaranta. There is also a Doll and Costume Museum located at Hatanpaa Manor ( built between 1758-1778).

Although the scenery along the Tammerkoski rapids is still dominated by the old factory buildings, one parcel of land at the heart of the city has been kept prinstine where the park of the old library and the lushness of Koskipuisto Park provide a peaceful oasis and bring happiness to the local inhabitants. In addition, despite its industrial past, the Tammerskoski waters remain mostly unpolluted and the channel and attract fishermen from all over.

Another popular tourist attraction is Haukanhieta beach at Haukkajarvi lake, with its river access, swimming, hiking, and camping areas.

Those seeking more excitement can also enjoy an exciting nightlife that includes shows by Cirque de Soleil, as well as a variety of restaurants, offering something for everyone, from the Casablanca to O'Connell's Irish Bar, and the Golden Unicorn (one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the area) to name but a few.

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