Suntec City, Singapore

Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City – Singapore (Photo credit: William Cho)
Millenia Walk, Singapore (Photo credit: William Cho)
Sizzlin' Bugis viewed from 16 floor above (Photo credit: William Cho)
On the left, there used to be a beach next to the road leading to Marina Bay (Photo credit: William Cho)
Fine Dining at Suntec City, Singapore (Photo credit: William Cho)
Singapore Dawn (Photo credit: Shiny Things)
SUNTEC CITY (Photo credit: denise)
Suntec City (Photo credit: modery)
Fantastic 4 (Photo credit: Erik's iMirror Photography Studio)
Suntec City at Night (Photo credit: Mark Ehr)
Skyline (Photo credit: huangjiahui)
Singapore HeritageFest Opening (Photo credit: Walter Lim)
Singapore HeritageFest Opening (Photo credit: Walter Lim)
Sky Garden , Singapore, Suntec City (Photo credit: Swaminathan)
#22: Sungai Singapura (Photo credit: aaayyymm eeelectriik)
Singapore IT Show 2009 (Photo credit: Darcy Zhou)
Nightshot on Singapore Flyer and Suntec city (Photo credit: dapico)
_5177943 R0 (Photo credit: FourThirds Viewfinder)

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