Sternberk Castle: A Historical Landmark near Prague

Cesky Sternberk Castle is one of the most famous historical landmarks in the Czech Republic. The ancient but well preserved castle is located in Bohemia, which is less than 50 kilometers from Prague. The castle originally belonged to the leading Czech noble Sternberk family. A fascinating range of family valuables are still preserved in the castle. The external architecture of the castle is early Gothic, which reflects its era of the 13th century. The castle is set in the midst of a beautiful landscape by the banks of the scenic Sazava River.

Castle - Český Šternberk (Photo credit: Gerard Eviston)

The medieval castle underwent several architectural and interior transformations over the centuries. The current interior reflects a unique Late Gothic and exotic baroque style. Tourists to the region cannot miss this spectacular landmark which is one of the major attractions. A typical group tour to the Sternberk castle takes the visitors through fifteen extravagantly decorated rooms.

The amazing grandeur of the Knight’s Hall, with its priceless historical artefacts, leaves a lasting impression on the visitors. The exquisite Chapel of Saint Sebastian is another key part of the castle. The tour then takes a look at the opulent Yellow Chamber with its unique stucco works from the Early Baroque era, and its lavish furnishings used by Louis XVI.

Castle Sternberg 2 (Photo credit: horslips5)

The exclusive library at the castle contains thousands of rare books. The fascinating dining room in the castle is highlighted by its pristine silverware belonging to the bygone era, and the walls of the room are flanked by portraits of various generations of the Sternberg family. There is also a uniquely oriental anteroom and a decorated breakfast hall that boasts of a precious collection of figurines made in shining silver. The furniture in the hall is beautifully inlaid with floral designs.

Castle Sternberg - trophy collection (Photo credit: horslips5)

One of the highlights of the castle is its unique collection of prints. There are 545 copper engraved collections from the early 1900s, making it one of the most remarkable collections available in this genre. There are also priceless collections of rare historical weaponry, exquisite creations in porcelain and some of the finest art collections from different time periods at the Sternberk Castle.

Castle Sternberg 4 (Photo credit: horslips5)

Castle Sternberg - training injured birds of prey 6 (Photo credit: horslips5)

view from Castle Sternberg 2 (Photo credit: horslips5)

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