Staying in the Dunraven Arms Hotel

Front Dunraven 2016-09-03 08 010
Front Dunraven 2016-09-03 08 010 (Photo credit: Chris Light)

The Dunraven Arms hotel located in Limerick is one of the best hotels that encapsulates the style of the old world. It is conveniently located near the airport and it offers luxury and style. Guests can eat gourmet food at the restaurants hotel, enjoy the leisure center and even have their work conference in the hotel.

Dunraven Sitting Room 2016-09-03 08 138
Dunraven Sitting Room 2016-09-03 08 138 (Photo credit: Chris Light)

The bedrooms of the hotel have great elegant designs with sumptuous fabrics and antique furnishings. All the bedrooms have a private dressing room and a private bathroom. The bedrooms also feature an antique bed that has four poster and a canopy. The rooms are relaxing and they have the most modern accommodations. Guests can access the wireless internet connection that the hotel offers and they can enjoy the view of the hotel's gardens.

Dunraven Garden 2016-09-03 08 142
Dunraven Garden 2016-09-03 08 142 (Photo credit: Chris Light)

This restaurant has won many different awards for its service to the guest of the hotel. Guest can enjoy a wide array of traditional dishes. The restaurant has luxurious crystal chandeliers and white linens with silver eating utensils.

People can savor different Irish Classic Cuisine dishes that are remade in order to showcase a more modern and contemporary cooking style. The chefs use locally grown vegetables and fresh meat. The wines are also tasty and guests can choose from a wide variety.

Dunraven Front 2016-09-03 08 132
Dunraven Front 2016-09-03 08 132 (Photo credit: Chris Light)

Event and conference organizers choose the hotel to host a wide variety of functions. The conference settings have state-of-the-art equipment to make the best out of the events. The rooms have a wide capacity for up to 200 people featuring the latest advancements of AV technology.

Guest can also relax at the leisure Center that is on the back side of the The Dunraven Arms hotel. The leisure center is staffed by instructors who are fully trained. The pool is big enough for swimming, aqua games for the little ones, and aqua-aerobics. The guests can enjoy the Bubble Jet Area to get a nice massage.

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