Spain is a mountainous place dominated by mountains and with several major rivers. The highest point in Spain, Teide is an active volcano located in the Canary Islands. Spain territory also includes two islands; one Canary Islands along the coast of African and Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Cuisine of Spain is rich in fresh seafood made available from the Mediterranean oceans; it includes hot thick soups, fried fish, many rice-based dishes, and many more.

Spain is the second most visited place in the world, and it holds that spot for a reason:

Costa Brava

Extensive sandy beaches along the coast of Mediterranean, Atlantic and archipelagoes are a site enjoyed by many tourists worldwide each year. Many mainland coasts including the very popular Costa Brava, Costa Daurada, and Costa del Maresme, are very popular among the visitors, with notable resorts, Salou and city of Barcelona

San Sebastian

San Sebastian, a beautiful seaside city, is home to outstanding beaches and culinary traditions. The most popular beach is Playa de la Concha, which has various water activities like water skiing, swimming, and sunbathing.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Spain offers several historical cities and towns to travel with major stops being Barcelona and Madrid, two of the leading cities of Europe. Barcelona offers everything to be found in a European country from amazing shopping to historic architecture to vibrant cultures and buzzing nightlife. Barcelona homes the two of Spain’s architectural marvels, the Caso Batllo and Sagrada Familia church. Sunbathing along the coast of beaches, strolling along La Rambla, is only the tip of the iceberg in Barcelona.


Madrid, on the other hand, is widely known for its buzzing nightlife. It is Europe’s most colorful cosmopolitan because of its diverse ethnic groups. Within the city center is the most popular tourist spots such as the Royal Palace, the resident place of Spain’s monarch. A large plaza, Puerta del Sol, is host to many important gatherings and street performances and also serves as a hub for the public transportation network. Plaza Mayor, known for the lively San Miguel market, is also another important square.

Santiago de Compostela

The Santiago de Compostela, the capital city in the Galicia region, is famous because of it being the final destination of Camino de Santiago, an important pilgrimage to many Christians because it is believed that this place was where St, Jones, an Apostle of Jesus Christ was buried. Today the city is a center of attraction for its rich history and religious value. Situated in the heart of the city is the Santiago Cathedral where is located the tomb of St, Jones.


Toledo, located on a mountain top in central Spain, is also called the “City of Three Cultures” because Jews Muslims and Christians inhabited it.  A city meant to be lost in its medieval streets and historical treasures, including a mosque, cathedral, and synagogue.


Valencia, one of the largest city in Spain, has a very massive entertainment and cultural complex known as the City of Arts and Science. Within this massive giant are located many buildings such as planetarium, museum, aquarium making it a must visit place for any tourist.

Mezquita in Cordoba

Cordoba is the capital of Cordoba Province, harbors the historic and star place Mezquita. Initially built as a mosque, Mezquita is now a beautiful cathedral, with its maze of columns along with Islamic style red and white striped arches. Other places of interest in Cordoba are Street of flowers, Fortress of Christian Monarchs and Old Jewish Quarter.


Granada, the capital of Granada province, located at the base of Sierra Nevada Mountains, houses the world-famous Alhambra, a Moorish art that encapsulates Andalusia history. Being the last Moorish stronghold in Europe, Alhambra offers breathtaking sights of the city, dripping water and lush green gardens. It is indeed one of the spectacular sights of Europe.

Spain holds some the most beautiful islands of Europe. East of Spain, four chief Islands are characteristically distinct from the rest of Europe. 


Ibiza Island is a famous spot for party lovers while Mallorca is the largest and best known of the four. 

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, along the coast of Atlantic, are very popular among tourists, for their natural attractions, beautiful beaches, and mild climates. The Teide Volcano in Tenerife and Maspalomas Dunes in Gran Canaria are very notable features of these Islands.


Seville, capital of Andalusia, has some amazing nightlife and buzzing lively festivals. It is home to some of the most beautiful and historical landmarks, most important tourist attraction being the Grand Cathedral of Seville, where is believed is located the buried grave of Christopher Columbus. Real Alcazar, a Moorish place, is another extravagant building, with luxurious gardens.

El acebuchal
El acebuchal (Photo credit: didelco10)

El Acebuchal, also known as “The Lost Village” was abandoned 50 years ago due to a Spanish Civil war. Now inhabited once again, it has become a must visit for travelers eager to soak in the historical knowledge about Spain.


The town of Segovia was said to be founded by Hercules himself. And the legends don’t stop here; the townhouses the historic Alcazar castle which was an inspiration for Cinderella’s palace. So if you are a Disney fan, this is the perfect place to visit.

Monte Perdido National Park

Spain’s National parks are most famous, and why not, they are some of the most beautiful National parks in the world. The Monte Perdido National Park, is the oldest National park in Spain, is a living example. It is a mountain itself and a perfect place to visit any time of the year, whether sun or snow. Hikers cherish this place because of the breathtaking views, hiking locations, and a beautiful waterfall. Just remember try not to get lost because the name of this place itself translates to the “Lost Mountain”.

Mojacar typical street (c)
Mojacar typical street (c) (Photo credit: Nerve net)

Mojacar,  a two-sided place, one having small whitewashed houses tumbling down the hill and other is a resort with a huge beach. The old parts of the town present an amazing view from the hilltop.


Peñíscola, a very cute little place with white houses nicely contrasting with the bright blue sea. It is a must visit place for Game of Thrones fans as it was a filming location for GoT 2015.


Malaga, a city for travelers who like partying all night long. Not only a party place, Malaga, but is also rich in history and culture. Another famous claim of this city is that the famous Picasso was also born over here.

Spain not only a major economic influencer, is also a tourist magnet. With its breathtaking views, exceptional deep-rooted history, lovely and delightful cuisines, beautiful and mesmerizing Islands, lush and sandy beaches, attractive and colorful cities filled with hospitable people is a place which a person should visit in a lifetime because it is guaranteed to provide an experience which you will never forget.

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