Sossusvlei is a popular tourist destination in Namibia. Famous for its sand dunes, Sossusvlei is located in a small valley which sometimes even see the snow. The word "Sossus" means "the place of no return".

Dawn at Sossusvlei (Photo credit: Gusjer

This place is created by a river that flows through the desert every 5 or 10 years. This river never reaches Atlantic Ocean as it always drains out while passing through Sossusvlei. The best route to reach Sossusvlei is from Mariental. All-wheel-drive or local vehicles are the best way to reach your destination. Many nearby spots could attract you as a visitors - Sesriem Canyon, The Namib Desert, and Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei.

Sossusvlei, Namibia (Photo credit: Joachim Huber

Sesriem is a small canyon that is situated to the south of the gas station. This place is the excellent viewpoint to gaze at the setting sun. It's easy to climb the canyon and walk along the dry riverbed. Sesriem means "six (leather) thongs" - that is a place where those should be connected to reach the water at the end of the well.

Sossusvlei dunes & Fish River Canyon - Namibia (Photo credit: Julien Carnot

The Namib Desert surronds Sossuvlei. There are many dunes in the desert including few petrified dunes. Namib is one of the oldest deserts and its length is about 1500km that expands from the Orange River in the south to the Angola in the north.

Sossusvlei region Landscape (Photo credit: Vernon Swanepoel

Dead Vlei and Sossusvlei are two valleys that are situated side-by-side in the Namib Desert. Sossusvlei has few living trees and even occasionally gets rain or snow. Dead Vlei consists of only dead stumps as it is completely cut off from the water source.

Sossusvlei dunes & Fish River Canyon - Namibia (Photo credit: Julien Carnot
Sossusvlei, Namibia (Photo credit: Joachim Huber
Sossusvlei (Photo credit: Lawrence Murray
Dune 22 (Photo credit: Vernon Swanepoel
Morning almost breaking (Photo credit: Vernon Swanepoel
Petrified Tree (Photo credit: Caitlin Regan
Sossusvlei dunes & Fish River Canyon - Namibia (Photo credit: Julien Carnot
Namibia (Photo credit: Jeremy T. Hetzel
Sand Sculptures (Photo credit: SqueakyMarmot

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