Showa Kinen, Tokyo’s Central Park, Japan

Any great world city knows the power and need for green spaces. This is why most major metropolises have a large area designated as a green zone. These areas are some of the most famous parks in the world. These sprawling green masterpieces are so impressive that they have become tourist attractions themselves. One such park is Showa Kinen in Tokyo, Japan.

Showa Kinen is a huge national government park that rivals Central Park. It is approximately 163 hectares in size and was constructed in honor of the 50th anniversary of Emperor Showa’s reign. It allows those caught in this metropolis to enjoy and be one with nature. There are several activities that one can engage in at this park but just hanging out is heavily encouraged. It is a space that can accommodate a host of leisurely pastimes.

The grounds of Showa Kinen include forest, lawns, and gardens. There are several botanical areas for those with a love of plants. The varieties of species are indicated with descriptions in some areas so that you can learn more about he flora and fauna. If you enjoy more rigorous activities you can easily engage in cycling, jogging, lawn bowling, or boating to name just a few. There is even an area designated for kids. The Children’s Forest is a big draw at this park for children and adults alike. It includes attractions like the Forest House and the Foggy Woods. The Foggy Woods is a small wooded area in the Children’s Forest that is subdued in an artificial fog to give it that mysterious forest feeling.

This is just a small example of all the terrific things that you can find at the Showa Kinen National Government Park in Tokyo. There are many other terrific aspects of this park that should be explored. Don’t forget about all the great events held in this green venue.

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