Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - A Masterpiece
Sheikh_Lotfollah_Mosque_Esfahan (Photo credit: Nick Taylor)

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque based in Iran is popular worldwide for its rich culture and architecture of the Persian Safavid dynasty. This was originally constructed as a private mosque for the ladies of the royal court in 1618 by architect Shaykh Bahai. Following this after many centuries the mosque was opened for the public to enjoy the exquisite and unique tiled works incorporated in the construction. 

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Dome
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Dome (Photo credit: Ehsan Doostmohammadi)

The mosque occupies a major place in the Nagsh-e-Jahan square of Ishafan, which was formerly the capital of Persia through the 16th century. This was dedicated to Sheikh Lotfollah, a holy and divine preacher during the supremacy of Shah Abbas I. This masterpiece is a prime witness to various sessions, lectures and preaching of the Safavid dynasty. The mosque was initially accessed by the royal family through a tunnel spanning from the Ali Qapu royal palace.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, interior
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, interior (Photo credit: PirouzZ)

The mosque is built small in size and has no courtyards or minarets. It has an intricate mosaic work tiled patterns designed on the dome and the gate. The tiles tend to change color to pink or cream based on the lighting. The mosque basically holds a flat dome chamber with inlaid partitions in the shape of a lemon which becomes compact in size or disappears when moving towards the colorful and attractive peacock motif located below the dome. 

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - panoramio
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - panoramio (Photo credit: Alen Ištoković)

The light rays falling on the glazed peacock tail enhances its beauty during different time period of the day. It is considered that time of day can be easily predicted by looking at the lighting and dimness of the peacock tail. While the mihrab is positioned on the western side and is decorated with enamel featuring small flowers on a blue meadow setting. Further each blossom and branch of the design has its own subtle and soft beauty.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque interior
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque interior (Photo credit: Parastoo.Atrsaei)

It is thus regarded that Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, which is an exceptional workmanship is the most significant and worth visiting sights of Iran.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (39440128050)
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (39440128050) (Photo credit: Ninara)

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is one of the architectural masterpieces of Iranian architecture that was built during the Safavid Empire, standing on the eastern side of Naqsh-i Jahan Square, Esfahan, Iran. Construction of the mosque started in 1603 and was finished in 1619. It was built by the chief architect Shaykh Bahai, during the reign of Shah Abbas I of Persia. On the advice of Arthur Upham Pope, Reza Shah Pahlavi had the mosque rebuilt and repaired in the 1920s. Wikipedia

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