Relax or Take a Dive at Nanuya Island

Nanuya Lailai 1
Nanuya Lailai 1 (Photo credit: File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske))

If you are looking for a dream honeymoon visiting Nanuya Island will be a great success. Offering tranquility this island is found in Fiji. Close to paradise there are many places to stay that offer a relaxing and amazingly memorable trip.

Nanuya (Photo credit: Schnop79)

With many places to stay choose from a villa or multiple resorts. At this is a touristy destination the customer service available from one resort to the next is fun and friendly as well as helpful. While booking diving trips the staff will happily assist you.

If seclusion is what you seek you will find it here. Enjoy a sunset view that is breathtaking. If you prefer to snorkel in a lagoon then feel free to do so. Scuba diving is also available as well as great restaurants and entertainment. During the month from December all the way to March you will find the warmest water temperatures however the weather conditions are consistent all year round. Being a destination for divers and containing around 30 diving spots, this is something to consider before planning your visit.

Feel free to walk around the island during low tide. Although some of the resorts are surrounded by owned villages and you are not allowed to wander without permission you will still have a certain amount of freedom to explore the island. To actually walk across the island you will most likely not be restricted and along the way you will experience nice views which will only take around 20 min. each way.

Some useful travel tips to consider before making your way to Nanuya Island include bringing some sort of insect repellent, dressing in a moderate fashion and not to bring a lot of cash. To get to the island you will take a boat so consider this in your traveling plans.

Made up of two dozen islands Nanuya is a tourist favorite and it is obvious as to why. Whether you want to bum around on the beach or gaze at beautiful fish this island offers endless adventures and relaxation to its fullest.

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