Ranakpur Jain Temple - Architectural Excellence Worth Visiting

Jain Temple Ranakpur
Jain Temple Ranakpur (Photo credit: Imehling)

Ranakpur Jain temple is one of the five main pilgrim destinations of Jains in India. The temples in Ranakpur command great respect and admiration from the Jains located all over the world. According to history, Rana Kumbha dedicated the wide stretch of land to Dhanna Shah to build a temple to realize his dream. The temples built in this way attract numerous tourists from all over India and abroad. Ranakpur is located in the valley of the Aravalli range which is about 90km from Udaipur.

Ranakpur jain temple
Ranakpur jain temple (Photo credit: Gprakashjain)

The Ranakpur Jain temple like other temples has a style of its own. The ceilings of all the temples are decorated with geometrical patterns and foliate scroll-work. The bottom and top parts of the domes are joined together with the help of beautiful deity figures. One of the most important temples among all these temples is the Chaumukha Temple. It is a four-faced temple with a basement measuring about 48,000 square feet. The temple also has 4 subsidiary shrines, 80 domes supported by 400 columns and 24 pillars. Each column is beautifully carved in such a way that no two pillars are alike. The columns are also known to change their color from golden to pale blue in every one hour during daytime. The temple is designed and built in the shape of a heavenly aircraft.

RANAKPUR JAIN TEMPLE (Photo credit: Hardikmodi)

The construction of the Ranakpur Jain temple is very complex with four different ways leading to the inside chambers. All these chambers take you to the main hall which houses the image of Adinath. The image is surrounded by several shrines and domes. It took about 65 years to build the temple. There are two more temples worth visiting which are the Patriyon ka Mandir and the Surya Narayan Temple. A few other Jain temples have also become important pilgrim destinations like the Muchhal Mahavir Temple and the Jain Golden Temple. About 90 kg of gold was donated by the women of Falna for decorating the idol and the temple.

Ranakpur Jain Temple 03
Ranakpur Jain Temple 03 (Photo credit: Antoinetav)
Ranakpur Jain temple, marble 2
Ranakpur Jain temple, marble 2 (Photo credit: Clément Bardot)
Ranakpur Jain Temple 02
Ranakpur Jain Temple 02 (Photo credit: Antoinetav)
India Udaipur Ranakpur Jain Temple
India Udaipur Ranakpur Jain Temple (Photo credit: Flickr upload bot)
Ranakpur Jain temple, marble 3
Ranakpur Jain temple, marble 3 (Photo credit: Clément Bardot)
Ranakpur Jain temple - Architecture
Ranakpur Jain temple - Architecture (Photo credit: Eatcha)

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