Quick Guide to Hydra Island

Hydra (island) 1
Hydra (island) 1 (Photo credit: Qweasdqwe)

Hydra Island is one of the Saronic islands, in Greece. This island is located in between the Argolic Gulf and the Saronic Gulf. In olden days, the island was called as Hydrea that refers to the springs. Hydra port is the main town on the island. The town consists of a crescent-shaped harbor, which is centered by few shops, galleries, restaurants, and markets. The island residents and the travelers stay in the Steep Stone streets that lead to harbor.

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Hydra (island) 24 (Photo credit: Qweasdqwe)

There are also other small villages such as Kamini, Episkopi, Mandraki, Molos, Vlychos, and Palamidas. The income for the island is mainly from the tourism. People can reach this island through catamarans and high-speed hydrofoils from Piraeus. There are also daily ferry boats available, but it takes at least three hours to transit. The ferries transport is also available to other places such as Poros, Nafplion, Aegina, Monemvasia, and Spetses.

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Hydra (island) 15 (Photo credit: Qweasdqwe)

The only vehicle found on the island is the garbage truck. Other vehicles such as cars and motorbikes are strictly prohibited by law. Public transportation is done by water taxis, donkeys, and bicycles. Most people here prefer walking as the area is very small. Hydra is the popular destination for yachting and Kamini Yacht Club is situated on this island.

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Hydra (island) 10 (Photo credit: Qweasdqwe)

Hydra has six monasteries and many churches. The two popular monasteries are Ayia Efpraxia and Profitis llias. Lazarus Koundouriotis tomb is found in the Cathedral, an old monastery. The main geographical feature of Hydra is the rocky hillsides. The island has many wild flowers and pine trees. Some of the birds and animals found on the island are quails, partridges, feral cats, goats, and rabbits.

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Hydra (island) 22 (Photo credit: Qweasdqwe)

Although the island's name represents springs, Hydra is almost dry now. Hydra imports water from Greek mainland through boat. The island does not have any light pollution during nights. This is a great boon to astronomy.

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Hydra (island) 25 (Photo credit: Qweasdqwe)
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Hydra (island) 9 (Photo credit: Qweasdqwe)
Relax on Hydra island (43058364120)
Relax on Hydra island (43058364120) (Photo credit: Lu Brito)

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