Petrin Hill, Prague

Prague, in the Czech Republic, is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Renowned for its beautiful architecture, relatively low prices for hotels and restaurants, and streets that are less crowded than those of Paris or Rome, this city is a must see destination for any world traveler. While you are there, be sure to stop by Petrin Hill, a 318 meter hill that overlooks the city. From here, visitors will be able to take in the full breadth of this breathtaking place, and even see some of the mountains that dot the far off country side.

Though it is possible to take a cab to the top of the hill, the 299 step path to the summit is a beautiful walk that is not to be missed by those who are able. When you have reached the top of the hill, you will see a tower that is designed to look like the Eiffel Tower in miniature. At just 60 meters, it is much smaller than the original, but when those 60 meters are added to the 318 of the hill, it means that one will be able to see for miles, well over the tops of the buildings of Prague.

Where ever you will be traveling from, you will find that online booking is available for most of the hotels in this city. By using the same online tools that one would consult for domestic travel, you can save even more when visiting this historic place. No matter when you go, a guided tour of the city will give you a picture of its rich history and the culture that is so celebrated around the world.

Any visitors to Prague should be sure to stop by Petrin Hill. It will allow you to see the entirety of the city and is well worth the trek.

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