Pangong Tso, India

Being one with nature is probably one of the most uplifting feelings. A great way to experience this is by visiting the actual location and try different activities. Pangong Tso is one of the top destinations for tourists who wish to explore nature at its finest. This high altitude body of salt water is in the Himalayas region at a height of 13,900 feet. This relatively calm piece of wetland is considered as one of the biggest lakes in Asia which is measured to be at least 83 miles long.

The entire area runs from India to China. The lakes take pride of its selection of flora and fauna. Tourists can find a number of sea gulls and ducks wandering around the water surface. It has become a favorite spot even for migratory birds during summer while the entire lake freezes during the winter time. Because of its rich amount in natural resources, it has been a breeding ground for various wildlife and water species. If you wish to embark on a trip like this, you need to have the will and the stamina to overcome the long hours and the outlying conditions.

The journey to get to the lake includes a five hour drive in the mountainous and rough ridges of Leh. You will pass by the Changla Pass and cross the Pagal Naala River. Since it is located in the Sino Indian Line of Control, a permit is needed first in order to get inside the vicinity. The Inner Line Permit can be secured at the city government of Leh for a relatively small price. Group tourists should have at least three persons accompanied by an accredited tour guide. Experience the wonders by exploring the sites or engaging in some adventure sports. For most people who have seen the place, this unexploited piece of nature is somewhat like a paradise.

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