No Other Option: A Honeymoon in Italy

Atrani on the Amalfi Coast (Photo credit: Glen MacLarty)

There exist few travel destinations in the world that are as enticing as Italy. Laden with thousands of years of culture, there is little reason to select any other option to celebrate the single most important act of your life: marriage. While horror stories of honeymoons gone awry in other, more dubious countries abound, a honeymoon in Italy will provide a lifetime of memories that recall those perfect days.

Italian Love Story (Photo credit: Dr. Wendy Longo)

Oftentimes referred to as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Italy is a haven for culinary and artistic delights. Time can be spent gawking at the masterpieces of creation that litter the country's landscape, from La Pieta to the Sisteen chapel. A trip to the Vatican can be life changing regardless of your religious affiliation; St Peter's Basilica is absolutely awe-inspiring and offers an unrivaled view that lets the visitor appreciate the vast beauty of Italy's greatest city.

Heart of stone (Photo credit: Dimitris Iliopoulos)

While art is wonderful and all, on your honeymoon a romantic atmosphere is required; what better place in the entire world than a nighttime trip down the famous canals of Venice in a gondola? The stars will shine upon you as you silently glide upon on the water until you reach the final destination, whereupon the water itself will be alight with the candles of a hundred other lovers taking in the serene beauty.

Roma. Ponte Milvio. Lucchetti d'amore o spot pubblicitario? Roma.Ponte Milvio. Catene d'amore o spot pubblicitario? Love padlocks. (Photo credit: Luciano)

It is common knowledge that love and food go hand in hand, and Italy does not disappoint. Hundreds of restaurants line her streets offering delicacies to tantalize the tongue and incite the spirit. Really, when the question arises, there can be no discussion, no debate. A honeymoon in Italy is a recipe for a week - or month - to remember.

Remembering the honeymoon in Rome (Photo credit: Temari 09)
2010 Carnevale in Venice - the lovely Yasmine Lefrebvre checking out her reflection (P1000684a) (Photo credit: Frank Kovalchek)
Riomaggiore by night (Photo credit: Nick Grosoli)
Cinque Terre Via dell'Amore 035 (Photo credit: pizzodisevo (therapy - terapia - Therapie))
Immagine_049 due innamorati a Venezia (Photo credit: apriliars50)
Capri. Monte Solaro. #3. (Photo credit: dr_tr)
I-Venice16 (Photo credit: John A. Cunliffe)

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