Morrocoy National Park - Dream Destination for Nature Lovers

Parque Nacional Morrocoy 3
Parque Nacional Morrocoy 3 (Photo credit: Adolfoovalles)

If you wish to spend some time in the company of nature, especially water, visit the Morrocoy National Park in Venezuela. Located at some 3 hours from Caracas, the place is a dream come true destination for travelers who love the nature, sea and the riches. The park consists of about 30 coral islands which are located on the Gulf of Triste. It was designed in 1974 to protect the birds and marine life. The climate in Morrocoy is varied throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 27-30 degrees centigrade which is very suitable for those who wish to spend their time in the company of nature.

Composición perfecta! Playuela
Composición perfecta! Playuela (Photo credit: Elianarojas21)

Boating is one of the most enjoyed activities here because you need to make use of boats to reach the various small islands. Most of these boats are small and can hold about 9-10 people. Some of the best islands to visit are Cayo Playuela and Cayo Sombrero. All these places are well provided with all kinds of facilities for visiting tourists. People who love diving will fall in love with the place because of the crystal clear water, white beaches and wonderful marine life. You can also enjoy a wide variety of seafood and all kinds of drinks here.

Parque Nacional Morrocoy 2
Parque Nacional Morrocoy 2 (Photo credit: Adolfoovalles)

Located between Chichirviche and Tucacas in the eastern Caribbean coast of the Falcon State, Morrocoy National Park is one of the world's most beautiful spots for scuba diving. The unique mangrove swamps and the coral reefs make the place one of the best locations to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also enjoy the beauty of all kinds of birds like flamingos, ducks etc. For people who wish to stay overnight, there are plenty of lodging facilities and restaurants in Chichirviche and Tucacas. If you love night life, visit the famous casino in Tucacas for entertainment. Apart from the water sports, you can also indulge in exploring caves in Morrocoy National Park. Some of the popular caves include the 300 feet Cave of Indian and the Cave of the Virgin with numerous tiny statues of Virgin del Valle on the walls.

Parque Nacional Morrocoy 2005 016
Parque Nacional Morrocoy 2005 016 (Photo credit: Veronidae)
Maglares del parque morrocoy
Maglares del parque morrocoy (Photo credit: Maria e. villegas)
Corocora - Parque Nacional Morrocoy
Corocora - Parque Nacional Morrocoy (Photo credit: Jlmcve)
Parque Nacional Morrocoy - Punta Brava 4
Parque Nacional Morrocoy - Punta Brava 4 (Photo credit: Jhonatanro)

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