Montreal Biodome, Canada

Biodome (29657828784)
Biodome (29657828784) (Photo credit: Travis Wise)

Being able to travel the world is a dream for many people. To see the natural wonder and stunning beauty of the different areas of Earth is something most people strive for, yet few can afford to do, as time and money constraints hold all but a few of the most wealthy back. However, a person can now visit and experience various parts of the world in one location. The Montreal Biodome is a building that houses four different eco-systems from around the world, allowing a visitor to experience each one without having to spend thosuands of dollars on plane tickets and months traveling.

Autumn leaves at the Biodome (38768644730)
Autumn leaves at the Biodome (38768644730) (Photo credit: Thomas Quine)

Construction for the biodome began in 1989 and finished in 1992. The goal was to create four different eco-systems to allow visitors to experience what they would be like. They are not like a museum replica, made of plaster and stone, but actually eco-systems created and grown by scientists to replicate closely the real area. 

Biome tropical BM06
Biome tropical BM06 (Photo credit: Cephas)

There are four areas: the Tropical Rainforest, which is a replica of the South American rainforest; the Laurentian Forest, a replica of North American wilderness; the Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-system, an estuary made to replicate the Gulf of Saint Lawrence; and a a polar area. An audio system guides visitors through the various areas, teaching about each area and allowing people to experience what it is like to be in that region of the world.

The Montreal Biodome is a great way to learn about the world. While reading books and watching videos can give one the knowledge of what a far off place looks like, actually experiencing what a rainforest feels like is a new experience. To feel the heat and humidity of a jungle, to feel the biting cold of the polar region, or to see the fish and plant life in a gulf is a new experience, and one that is now available in one confined area.

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