Majayjay Falls, Philippines

taytay falls (Photo credit: mollyboy)

Also called as Taytay Falls, Majayjay Falls is located in Majayjay, Laguna, Philippines. Laguna is actually a province which belongs to Luzon, one of the said country’s three major island groups. Subsequently, Majayjay is really a municipality, a 4th class one, in Laguna. And, according to a local traditional belief, the name Majayjay, when translated to Tagalog, the Philippines’ national language, means “maraming hay.” In the English language, this means “plenty of sighs.” Indeed, this place deserves many sighs of appreciation and admiration from the locals and the foreigners alike

waterfalls cascade (Photo credit: jojo nicdao)

The aforementioned falls, which has the height of a two-storey building and is found at Mount Banahaw’s outskirts, is truly a breathtaking endowment from Mother Nature. From afar, one can immediately see the nearby trees’ and plants’ abundant greens which are soothing to the eyes, and the gushing waters that are pleasant to the ears. While going near such a wonderful sight by foot, the fresh ambiance can instantly be felt, giving an overall good feeling. When swimming or wading in its cold waters, or simply sitting atop one of the big rocks, the said good feeling escalates to the highest total positive sense of well-being. Even if there is no plan to get soaked, the vicinity of the falls is a splendid place to have a picnic in, or just to look around.

fern (Photo credit: jojo nicdao)

For tourists, as well as Filipinos from other parts of the nation, going to Laguna is via Manila, the Philippines’ capital. From the Southern part of Manila, Majayjay is 120 kilometers away. There are public buses that have daily trips going back and forth. Those who go there riding their private cars will not get lost because of the marked trails. Then, upon reaching the falls, there is a very minimal entrance fee. Visitors who opt to stay for long can do so in the nearby hotels and resorts. Indeed, whether staying for a few minutes or for several days, being there within the proximity, or in the chilly waters, of the stunning Majayjay Falls is absolutely a superb experience that will be cherished for a very long time.

mushroom (Photo credit: jojo nicdao)

fern (Photo credit: jojo nicdao)

water and stone (Photo credit: jojo nicdao)

Majayjay Falls (Laguna) (Photo credit: Richard)

Majayjay Main falls (Photo credit: jojo nicdao)

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