Kurobe, Toyama, Japan

Kurobe is a city in Toyama Prefecture, in the Chūbu region of Japan.

Kurobe-ko 01
Kurobe-ko 01 (Photo credit: Kahusi)

The city is located in the scenic surroundings of the Japanese Alps. Nearby, at 3015 meters, is Ushiru Tateyama Mountain. The city was built on the eponymous river Kurobe. It was built between 1956 and 1963. The city has a highest arched dam at 186 meters in height: the Kurobe Dam

Kurobe dam 01
Kurobe dam 01 (Photo credit: Kahusi)
Kurobe Dam (51400638)
Kurobe Dam (51400638) (Photo credit: DarwIn)
Kurobe New Observation Area
Kurobe New Observation Area (Photo credit: あばさー)
Kurobe kyokoku view from Kurobe Dam
Kurobe kyokoku view from Kurobe Dam (Photo credit: Qurren)
S-ji-kyo in Kurobe Gorge
S-ji-kyo in Kurobe Gorge (Photo credit: Yasu)

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