Ibiza, the Party Goers Paradise

Ibiza is part of a group of islands just south of and associated with Spain. Ibiza Island is located in the Balearic Archipelago. It is the third largest island in term of surface space after Mallorca and Minorca, which are popular vacation spots. Ibiza is well known for its nighttime activities, but it is also a very beautiful island, with gorgeous beaches, and a blue sky can be expected. Every year there are at least three hundred days of sunshine to enjoy.

Sunbathing is the usual daytime activity for most tourists who travel to Ibiza for vacation or else the daylight hours are used up by sleeping off the previous night’s activities or in preparation for the next. This is because Ibiza is most well known for the nighttime festivities and partying. The busiest times in bars around the island are after 7pm.

Ibiza has many large clubs where a lot of the night fun and partying happens. These have names such as, Space, Eden, Pacha, El Divino and Privilege, which is renowned for being the largest nightclub in the world. Ibiza is a notoriously expensive destination and the clubs are no exception with entry fees easily costing between thirty to fifty Euros a head.

Ibiza Evening (Photo credit: Aldas Kirvaitis)

There is more to Ibiza than simply tanning, dancing and drinking. It is a stunning destination and for those who wish to view the island they have visited and take a lasting memory home with them it is a photographers dream. If the beautiful scenery is your thing then it is worth taking a boat trip to the neighboring tranquil and un-spoilt islands, which are located in some of the most turquoise and cleanest waters of the Mediterranean.

Cafe Del Mar (Photo credit: Steven Straiton)

To get around Ibiza you will need to rent a vehicle unless you have the money saved to spend on expensive taxi rides. Drive carefully around the island though because the locals are known to be hectic and many tourists have had to drive into ditches to avoid head on collisions. Public transportation on buses is available also, and may be an enjoyable experience for anyone who likes to live the culture they are visiting. Once inside the towns and cities walking is a viable option because none of them is large enough for this to be a problem and it is most pleasurable to be able to stroll and really take in the picturesque scenery around you.

Cafe Mambo (Photo credit: Steven Straiton)

When going on vacation to any destination the most important thing is to make sure you have packed everything you require to cover your basic needs during your holiday. Ibiza is not a complicated place and if the intention for being there is to drink and party then little else is needed other than light clothes and money. If any time will be spent outside, it is wise to bring the strongest sunscreen you can get your hands on or else you will burn. The other item that will make your stay very pleasant is bottled water. Fresh water is scarce on Ibiza and the running water is from the sea. You will save quite a bit of money if you come prepared and bring the water with you.

Ibiza, Spain (Photo credit: Philip Larson)

Evening in the port (Photo credit: Oleg Sidorenko)
IBIZA - OLD OLIVE TREE NEAR SANT MATEU (Photo credit: Punxsutawneyphil)
Ibiza 2005 154 (Photo credit: Dan Foy)
IBIZA - SANT ANTONI - SUNSET AT CAFE DEL MAR (Photo credit: Punxsutawneyphil)
Ibiza, Spain (Photo credit: Philip Larson)
Girls on the beach) (Photo credit: Diana)
Firethrower (Photo credit: Steven Straiton)

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