Heceta Beach, Oregon, USA

Heceta Beach is a popular tourist destination. Thousands of sun seekers travel there each year, because of the beauty of the beach and the fun, exciting activities and events always going on. Located in Oregon, there are many bed and breakfasts as well as hotels and motels to stay at if you decide to travel there. There are fun mini putt golf centers you can go to for a quick game of mini putt, or maybe you want to shop at a few of the malls.

When it comes to deciding on where to stay at Heceta Beach, there are a few places in particular worth considering. One of the most popular bed and breakfasts is The Landmark Inn Motel. This is a gorgeous and adorable little bed and breakfast you can stay at where the food is tasty and the company is friendly. You will really enjoy your stay here and their prices are affordable to boot.

There is also the Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast. Quaint and simple, there is a path directly to the beach so you can literally leave your room and walk to the beach in a matter of minutes. If you want to enjoy the sand and sun, this is an ideal location.

Heceta Beach is a wonderful place to visit. As long as you plan your stay and find the right accommodations, you should really enjoy yourself. There are more than enough accommodations available in the Heceta Beach area which you can take advantage of. Make sure you call and make a reservation for any room you are interested in as early as possible so you can get the desired time and date. You can also read reviews on the different bed and breakfasts and hotels before booking, to see what past guests had to say and to offer more detailed insight.

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