Great Spots to Visit in Jacksonville

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If you are planning an end of summer vacation to Jacksonville, consider enjoying the breathtaking beauty of mother nature by taking part in one of the many wildflower watching trips. If you enjoy both wildlife and plant life there are many different outdoor activities that may spark your interest, from bird watching to festivals, or a combination of both. Review the several botanical-inspired vacation suggestions online that are located in or near Jacksonville and plan your vacation right.

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Once a year the Florida Panhandle Birding and Wildflower Festival takes place. This annual event is perfect for both bird lovers and those who appreciate the beauty of wildflowers. With tours, lectures, and barbecues you will enjoy both the delicious seafood and gather within a pristine wildlife preservation center. With a setting designed to promote the greatest variety of bird and wildflower watching, this is one of the preferred events amongst bird watchers and botanists.

Flower Festival (Photo credit: mick62)

If you are interest in the process of seeding wildflowers, consider visiting one of the many wildflower farms located in Florida. With guided tours, tourists will learn about Florida-native wildflowers and process of harvesting. Witnessing the seeds being dried, cleaned, graded and bagged will prove to be not only an educational trip but also an interesting one as well. Search for trips through the fields of Florida online for the best deals and availability.

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There are a variety of activities in Jacksonville, Florida that will make your trip a memorable one. Combine the zeal of wildflower viewing trips with an array of different outdoor activities and make this a family vacation that will be appreciated for a lifetime. With last-minute deals available online, book your reservations and enjoy the best of the east coast.

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