Gothic Castles

Budapest Parliament buildings (Photo credit: lanchutt)

Gothic Castles were built around 12-15 century. They are characterized by pointed arches, high curved ceilings, and flying buttresses.

One of the most popular Gothic castles is the Cesky Krumlov castle. The castle is located in Czech Republic in the old town of Cesky Krumlov at the historic site. The castle established by the Lords of Krumlov prior to the 1250 A.D. era imposes the Gothic effect that looks over the historical town. It is one of the UNESCO World Monuments.

“View from Malbork Castle” (Photo credit: lostajy)

Another great Gothic Castle is the Castle in Malbork. This establishment was originally built in the Prussia under Teutonic Order. The German Roman Catholics’ dubbed the castle, naming it Marienburg. When it is interpreted it means, “Mary’s Castle.” The castle is the classic medieval fortress and the largest Brick Gothic castle in the world.

Inside the establishment is a museum. Wawel is another castle worth visiting. The fortress was built in Cracow, which is in Poland. The palace built by Casimir III the Great. There is a central courtyard, and during the 14th century, Jogaila rebuilt the palace with Jadwiga from Poland. New editions such as the Danish Tower and Kurza Stopka or Hen’s Foot were added.

Knights in Malbork Castle (Photo credit: lostajy)

The chambers include state rooms, the Royal Private Apartments, Exhibition of the “Lost Wawel,” oriental arts, the Royal Gardens, and the Dragon’s Den.

arundel castle (Photo credit: Steve.M~)

Other Gothic palaces to consider is the Arundel, Altgerld’s, Houska, Melville, Drumtochty, Clearwell, Belmont, Malbone, Banwell, Bezdez castle, and so forth. You can view details online by typing in the names of each turret, or fortress.

Mosteiro de Batalha is another example of Gothic architecture.

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