Golkonda Fort, India

Golkonda fort ramias
Golkonda fort ramias (Photo credit: Ramias13)

In south central India, Golkonda Fort is an impressive historical site and monument, situated in Hyderabad. It is still very solid today and is bound to generate interest from any tourist or visit who happens to be nearby. The structure is massive and has retained its architectural features. This makes imagining the historical facts surrounding it much easier for those who view the site.

Golkonda Fort 1
Golkonda Fort 1 (Photo credit: Shantanu86)

This structure is the remaining portion of a kingdom from the 1300′s. One would expect to see little remaining, but the site is in very good condition, with many structures and walls fully intact. There are many legends surrounding this area and it has also gone through many different kingdoms, in its long life. The place is protected by a series of ramparts at different heights. The entire structure is built on a granite hill at an elevation of about 4,000 feet.

Golkonda Fort Walls
Golkonda Fort Walls (Photo credit: Saikiran.wiki2)

The architecture of the place is very unique. It is said that the clap of a hand can be heard from the main entry, all the way to the top level. This would have been a useful way to alert everyone of enemies approaching. For those who are curious, one person in the party could climb to the top of the main building while the other tests this phenomenon.

Another interesting fact is that the empire was once known for its diamond mines. The city was a popular diamond trading market, with some of the finest quality stones coming from the surrounding mines. The ancient city site actually consists of four different sites. Elaborate architecture can be seen throughout, with pointed arch entries encased in scroll work. While the area is a great place to visit for its historical interest, those who are fascinated by architecture might also find it a place to spend some time studying the features of the walls and buldings.

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