Going to Stockholm

This is a guest post by Ruth C. Boone.

Visiting Stockholm has always been a dream of mine. I have seen many pictures but nothing would compare to visiting in person. I would enjoy exploring the natural beauty of Stockholm. I would want to visit all 14 islands in this 700 year old city. I am sure I would find many amazing experiences.


I would start out by taking a tram to Djurgården where I will reach the island of Djurgården via the bridge Djurgårdsbron. From here I would walk across into serene Scandinavian nature and relaxed fun times.

I would then take a morning stroll around the Djurgårdsbrunn canal and Blockhusudden.

Vasa Museum

I would definitely have to visit the Vasa Museum and see the warship Vasa which sank on its maiden voyage in central Stockholm in the seventeenth century. That would be an amazing tour since it is the only one of its kind.

Skansen Open Air Museum

Next, I would have to visit the Skansen Open Air Museum. It is the oldest open air museum in the whole world. It is considered to be historic Sweden in miniature. There are just over 150 farms and homes from various parts of the country that were disassembled and transported here.

At the Stockholm zoo

I would also be able to see all of the animals native to Scandinavia. These would include bears, moose, wolves, lynxes, wolverines and seals here at the Stockholm Zoo.

I would definitely have to stop in one of the glass blowing shops and get some Swedish glass.

I would then go to the Rosendal Palace to view the gardens & have coffee and a snack at the terrace cafe.

Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan

My next adventure would be to Gamla Stan, Stockholm's oldest attraction and one of the best conserved medieval city centers in the world.

I would walk through the small winding streets and visit all the stores full of handicrafts, antiques and art galleries, and then stop for lunch at a cozy café.

Royal Castle

I most definitely would have to take a tour of the Royal Castle. It is the biggest castle in the world that is still in use by a king. It is the workplace for Karl XVI.

Let's not forget the Stockholm Cathedral. It would be so exciting to see where Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria got married.

EU-SE-Stockholm-Djurgården-Aquaria-Aquaria 006
Aquaria Water Museum

Next, I would visit the Aquaria Water Museum.

Here I would be able to experience a real live rainforest and explore a South American river system, mangrove swamps and coral reefs. I would also be able to follow the life of a swedish river from its birth in the mountains until it ends in the Baltic Sea and all this in the middle of urban Stockholm. I love marine life and would very much enjoy studying the marine tanks with sharks, corals and hoal fish.

I would have to spend a day on the hiking trails through untouched nature where I could see spectacular views and historic settings.


I would hike along the inlets of Lake Mälaren in the south to the Dalälven River’s archipelago in the north over marshes, woodlands, and at the edges of farmland.

I would most definitely have to visit Hellasgården and spend the day there having fun exploring the bike and walking paths.

I would indulge in soaking up the sun on the sandy beach. It would be an adventure filled day and one I am sure I would not forget.


What I believe would be the most exhilarating trip would be a boat tour of the Archipelago where there are thousands and thousands of small and medium-sized green, rocky and sandy islands.

I would want to spend a few days touring these breathtakingly, picturesque islands. I have been told that you haven’t seen Stockholm without a boat trip through the archipelago. I would stay in a palace-like building on one of the islands. This tour would be the highlight of my trip.

I would like to visit in June for my birthday and attend the Taste of Stockholm -The annual food festival. It last for 6 days in the beginning of June and would be absolutely incredible. I am looking forward to booking a trip to this exciting, beautiful city very soon.

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