Famous Times at Lake Winnipesaukee

Morning Sky on the Lake (Photo credit: dawnzy58)

In the state of New Hampshire’s lakes region, the largest lake is Lake Winnipesaukee, and it is behind only Moosehead Lake and Lake Champlain to be the largest lake in the New England area. Located in central New Hampshire, it has a 72 square mile area of water surface, 288 miles of shoreline, and it contains around 250 islands. The region has served as a tourist destination for over one hundred years. Traditionally known for attracting crowds of Bostonians and New Yorkers trying to escape the summer heat, it has now grown a larger appeal. Having been featured in films such as On Golden Pond, and television shows such as Law and Order, it has come to typify the New England resort archetype. Now it attracts tourists from around the world. In 2007, the President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, famously traveled there for his vacation.

The region is certainly notable for its water sports and recreation, which include boating, canoeing, diving, jet skiing, kayaking, fishing, and ice fishing in the winter. However, while the lake is the major attraction of the area, the amenities of the area extend far beyond the lake. Included among it commonly offered activities are concerts, classics car shows, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowmobiling. It is also a place that yields itself over to many different activities. The area is perfect for aviation, aerial photography, weddings, and any number of activities. The lake’s setting has also served as an inspiration to artists of all kinds, and it has been the subject of many paintings.

With a well developed infrastructure, Lake Winnipesaukee offers tourists the all the amenities they might desire for their vacation, in addition to all the qualities of a homey and comforting New England atmosphere. Spending any amount of time at Lake Winnipesaukee will prove refreshing, entertaining, and enjoyable.

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