Experiencing the Sazava River in Czech Republic

SAZAVA (Photo credit: m-louis)

The Czech Republic is filled with charm and traveling the Sazava River is the surest way to experience this charm first-hand. Southeast of Prague, its headwaters spring from the Velke Darko pond and snakes 218 kilometers (135 miles) through central Bohemia.

There are maps of the hundreds of bicycle trails that meander near the river. Hiking along the banks of the river is the ideal option for those who desire to savor their experience of the river. Horseback riding or hot air ballooning are also excellent options. You can view the river from a number of scenic spots and parks, but an even better way to experience the Sazava is to get close!

Choosing to embark in a canoe or a kayak can reveal the heart of the river. There are some rapids, but much of the river is quiet.

Some are interested in the cultural beauty of the area. They might be interested in local breweries that offer tours and samples. Musical performances also appeal to many travelers. At local markets, vendors sell traditional handicrafts like leather, woodwork, ceramics, and baked goods.

For those interested in history, there are museums to visit, but there are also throngs of historic sites to experience. Within a relatively small area, there are fortresses and castles to explore. The Cesky Sternberk castle was built in the 1200’s and can be toured. There are churches where one can worship or simply admire the architecture.

Finally, an essential part of the Sazava River experience is the fragrance and savor of Bohemian cuisine. Meats and starches are emphasized, but so are vegetables like onions and mushrooms. You can buy buchteln (sweet dumplings) or powidl (plum stew) in local inns or restaurants.

Traveling Sazava River is more than a trip; it is the exploration of a civilization, the discovery of the majesty of the backdrop of the Czech people.

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