Experience History at the Odeon of Herodes

OdeonOfHerodesAtticusRev20130228 (Photo credit: RCraig09)

The best way to fully understand the lifestyle and traditions of a certain civilization is to look back on its history that dates back a hundred of years. Reading and researching will give you an insight but you can get the closest image of reality once you get to visit the place and experience it first hand. There is no doubt that the Greek civilization is probably the most common area for studies and it has attracted individuals from across the world. This is also the reason why it has become a top tourist destination.

Outside the Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Outside the Odeon of Herodes Atticus (Photo credit: George E. Koronaios)

One place that can take you back in time is the Odeon Of Herodes; this theatre is made entirely of stone and can be found at the southern part of the Acropolis in Athens. The structure also known as the Herodeon was built by Herodes Atticus in 161 AD in honor of his late wife Regilla who passed a way a year before. It has been the venue for plays and musical gatherings as it can accommodate at least 5,000 people. Since the time it was built a lot of people would gather at this mini theater for local celebrations. Much of its original structure has withered throughout time but the large stone wall behind the stage is still part of the first construction.

While most areas have undergone renovations and improvements, it still retained its classic and traditional design. Marble was primarily used for its restoration in order as this type of material lasts for a long period of time. A tour around the area will provide you with the feeling of how it was during the ancient time. And to relive this experience, the Athens Festival is held annually at this location. The festival runs from June to September so for tourists who would like a taste of Greek music and traditions, this is the best time to visit the country.

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